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Sway Me


Let me be swayed by emotion

I tend to stifle them so.

Let me be blind to logic,

I tend to be controlled so!


Spontaneity, Caution,


Are but words that keep me,

From adventure and risk


For long have I waited

For long have I been safe

For long the mysteries kept afar

For long the breach stayed


The life, to be lived,

Passed over

A joie de vivre,

Is then missed!



Missing It All

I miss being missed
I miss being loved
I miss being remembered
At hours even odd
You were my me
Another edition of me
You helped me understand
The normality of weirdity
Acceptance of eccentrics
Sticking to my ground
I might have grown with you
But never quite got lost myself
Now it’s all jaded
Now it’s shrug-worthy
Now comes the cynical part
That doubtlessly was bound to

And…I’m excited!

Whoopee! I took the step!

Making/writing a blog for officially the first sstime ever and hardly any idea on how I ‘ll continue it. Or even “write” it.
To be frank, my perception of a blog is limited to:-

Blog = Public Diary

Rather, I, when confronted with the ‘creating a blog’, got frazzled with stuff like web hosting,templates,etc. GETTING QUITE CONFUSED  ON HOW TO FORMAT!  Yea, by now, you’d have gathered that I’m not exactly the most techno-savvy person there is! 🙂 😀

Well, anyway,here I am!

And now, taking the baby steps of this complicated journey, n having absolutely no idea where this path is gonna lead me… Deo volente, I will move on…


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