And…I’m excited!

Whoopee! I took the step!

Making/writing a blog for officially the first sstime ever and hardly any idea on how I ‘ll continue it. Or even “write” it.
To be frank, my perception of a blog is limited to:-

Blog = Public Diary

Rather, I, when confronted with the ‘creating a blog’, got frazzled with stuff like web hosting,templates,etc. GETTING QUITE CONFUSED  ON HOW TO FORMAT!  Yea, by now, you’d have gathered that I’m not exactly the most techno-savvy person there is! 🙂 😀

Well, anyway,here I am!

And now, taking the baby steps of this complicated journey, n having absolutely no idea where this path is gonna lead me… Deo volente, I will move on…



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About sherin276

A born again believer, I believe Christ and His love is immeasurable. I believe quite naively that black & white are still possible. I work as a primary teacher and enjoy dealing with innocent hearts. I moon around on whats wrong with the world and still wish to change it. A hard core dreamer, I love reading, travelling, singing, listening to music and eating street food!

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