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The Why Of It…

Many friends asked me why I started this blog. A simple reason I wanted to. I have almost always wanted to share my thoughts/feelings. Though never actually found anybody to trust them all with. Why the contradictory name you may ask? Well, that’s coz its me! The day dreamer who brings me back to hard reality. Yes, the whimsical – realist.

Now my thoughts and questions, feelings and poems – are mainly encapsulated in this blog. Its like a stranger with whom I’ve seemed to click. Someone whom I don’t quite know but somehow know. The technicalities discourage me  but never quite bog me down. The ‘to-n-fro’ communication seem missing, but the “communication” seems slightly heartening. Ah! At least I have taken a step… Maybe now I’ll try to keep a track of my questions and thoughts.



Summer Skies

Did it rain? Did it pour?

Did the skies tonight roar?

Was I immune? Seemed it mundane?

When tonight the summer squall called


It simmered, it roared

Thundering with-out called

Lightning struck, temperatures dropped

When tonight, the summer skies knocked

Tonight it didn’t storm

Tonight a friend messaged. He said FEEL> ….Like the weather outside.I thought, “Really!? Feel? But that’s exactly what I wanna stop for some time. Stop feeling. Stop thinking.”  But that’s besides the point…

Nevertheless, I went out. Closed my eyes, breathed in the air, FELT the night… What was this discontent? This apathy? The hollow silence? Was it outside? Or inside? 

The  summer storm that touched parts of the city barely showed. The glimmer of a storm that never stormed. The silence of a rain that barely came. It leaves the story of the soul battered and untold…




Was it you? Is it me?
The channels of communication that used to be.
The sulking and the chattering,
The joyous smiles that shimmered in.
Where did they go?
When did they go?
The rollercoastin hormones,
The swinging PMS
Wishing they’d disappear
To make life clear
When is normal? What is normal?
Did I ever know? Or did you? 
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