Tonight it didn’t storm

Tonight a friend messaged. He said FEEL> ….Like the weather outside.I thought, “Really!? Feel? But that’s exactly what I wanna stop for some time. Stop feeling. Stop thinking.”  But that’s besides the point…

Nevertheless, I went out. Closed my eyes, breathed in the air, FELT the night… What was this discontent? This apathy? The hollow silence? Was it outside? Or inside? 

The  summer storm that touched parts of the city barely showed. The glimmer of a storm that never stormed. The silence of a rain that barely came. It leaves the story of the soul battered and untold…


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About sherin276

A born again believer, I believe Christ and His love is immeasurable. I believe quite naively that black & white are still possible. I work as a primary teacher and enjoy dealing with innocent hearts. I moon around on whats wrong with the world and still wish to change it. A hard core dreamer, I love reading, travelling, singing, listening to music and eating street food!

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