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Lead me with yo…

Lead me with your honeyed words,
I willing fall into that snare…
For I see the beauty of a thousand suns
And the whisper of a love unseen” — by Me!


Help- conditionally given

Ugh…. Insufferable! They pretend to care, and state so too. But of course it all comes down to “Terms & Conditions”…! Yes even them… Asked them repeatedly to help me with a task. But nope…

They know(or should by now!) that I’m always so anxious when it comes to dealing with the world and its dealings. And yet how much have they helped/supported me? This entire journey has been known only to me. The endeavours mine n a few more. The secrets mine own.

As the songwriter (F.J.Crosby) says, “Whom have I on earth beside Thee? whom in heaven but Thee?

Unfortunately I still have to find a balance. To try and live with Christ as my solid rock. Not as d world might interpret it but in complete truthfulness and devotion.

“Pass me not O gentle Saviour, hear my humble cry!”

It Matters…

It Matters...

It Matters… A heart felt poem…

“An empty street…

“An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I’m all alone
The rooms are getting smaller” – WESTLIFE

A trip to the 18th Century!

A trip to the 18th Century!

Wanted to cheer myself. To be borne away to a different world. Guess where I went? Yes, I was transported by my favourite author, Jane Austen, to the 18th century…  🙂 

A world where characters come clear and misunderstandings cleared. Where second chances are given. Where happy endings are possible and dreams do come true.

Elizabeth & Darcy do infuse within me a revival of hope. Their forthrightness with each other an indication that hypocrisy has still not won. Truthfulness and a lively mind not to be frowned on or looked down upon.

Yes, well, I could just go on and on about what I learn from it. Everytime.

But for now, this much is enough.  🙂 

June Indulgence !


For quite a long time I had been thinking of treating myself to a trip outside India this June. Couldn’t. Will be stuck here. And rather than having a memorable 27th on the 27th, I’m wishing it slinks by.

Going through a depressing phase of my life. Down in the doldrums. Stagnating. And lonely.

Anyway, that aside, just last night impulsively decided I’d treat myself to a new mobile:) Happy not bout the cell, rather about the fact that I can and will indulge myself on my bday.

Yes, life is what I will make of it… And I have to. For myself

 oscar wilde



Does it matter


You and I will part


Does it matter


You forget my name


Though narrow

The path I take

Or rough the sea

I sailed


You remain an alien

A friendly unknown

A ship that touched me



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