A trip to the 18th Century!

A trip to the 18th Century!

Wanted to cheer myself. To be borne away to a different world. Guess where I went? Yes, I was transported by my favourite author, Jane Austen, to the 18th century…  🙂 

A world where characters come clear and misunderstandings cleared. Where second chances are given. Where happy endings are possible and dreams do come true.

Elizabeth & Darcy do infuse within me a revival of hope. Their forthrightness with each other an indication that hypocrisy has still not won. Truthfulness and a lively mind not to be frowned on or looked down upon.

Yes, well, I could just go on and on about what I learn from it. Everytime.

But for now, this much is enough.  🙂 


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About sherin276

A born again believer, I believe Christ and His love is immeasurable. I believe quite naively that black & white are still possible. I work as a primary teacher and enjoy dealing with innocent hearts. I moon around on whats wrong with the world and still wish to change it. A hard core dreamer, I love reading, travelling, singing, listening to music and eating street food!

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