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Time Out!

I need a time out. I need a break.
But life seldom is sypathetic enough to afford us one. Rather it rushes on and sweeps you off.
Time out? A break” ? What is that?!!” That’s the reply you get when you need to just pause and reflect.



A Change

“After all your avowals of friendship; it hurts me sore when you hide it all.

A declaration to those few ‘friends’ who have noticed a change in me or bothered to ask whats’ wrong/right. 
I’m tired of being the optional backup friend. I’m tired of waiting to be acknowledged & affirmed. I have been silly. I have been naive. Now I choose to be cynically wise.  I choose to hold back. I choose to not share.

Like I said earlier, it hurts me sore when I get to know about you through others. You never did tell me what u have voluntarily told your other friends. And then I realise yet again how completely impractical my expectations are- in this day & generation. Yes, even among so called believers. 
I am tired of being hurt. To guard ones heart and be lonely is a better option than to be bruised by false words and promises.
I guess that’s all I have to say for now.

mY seCrEt

mY seCrEt

So many sides to me. Which side have you seen?

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