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Loving & Hating

I hate you
Because I love you
With a love
I can not help

My love so true
So strong and pure
It engulfs me whole
Still leaves me hollow


What do I know
Of romantic love?
The love you
Profess for me?

What do I know
Of world’s draped ways?
Of acting in
The expected way?

I just love
An honest heart.
Can’t help
But do.

 ©Sherin 2014


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“An empty street…

“An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I’m all alone
The rooms are getting smaller” – WESTLIFE



all around me

What is this quaking within me

What is this tremor of fear?

Something shivers within me

Something trembles I feel


Is that an omen of things to come?

Or just the sign of what lies a-near?




A sense of dread envelops me.

A feeling that something’s not right


And then I think of it,

I think I fear that I might fear,

The fear of dread, bestowed.

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