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And time won’t heal a broken-hearted me…

Broken Hearted Me...

Broken Hearted Me…

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My picture, My identity


Some minutes ago, a friend asked me why I had changed my profile pic(ture) on Google.
I stopped to think and answer and words flowed on…

“Enough of faces…Enough of masks…
  Enough of telling the world “THIS IS ME!”
  Now I pause , now I gaze.
  Now I simply see things clear!!”

Words and Deeds

       “By the words they say
        And the deeds  they do
        They seem so different,
        They seem so two.
Truly feel confused and left out when people,all kinds and everywhere, put on the mask of duplicity. It hurts when one’s naive trust is so abused and trampled on. Oh no, not for me are the grave misdeeds but rather the tiny breaks n cracks that amount to a lot.

It feels worse when its people who you have gradually become close to. I naively believe, as a first reaction, that “what I see is what I get”, Though the fact or reality is to the contrary. People say something  but they rarely mean it literally. it breaks my heart so. Though I practically n intellectually know that I should just let it be. This is the the world, this is life (no matter who the people are- friends or “believers”)
Nay, I am not saying I am the best or that I have no mask, I have. Many masks. Its just that time and again  I tire and grow weary of it. Though this I will say to my defense that I wear my masks to protect me. I wish I didn’t have to. I so wish I was born into a world of love and trust.

The Why Of It…

Many friends asked me why I started this blog. A simple reason I wanted to. I have almost always wanted to share my thoughts/feelings. Though never actually found anybody to trust them all with. Why the contradictory name you may ask? Well, that’s coz its me! The day dreamer who brings me back to hard reality. Yes, the whimsical – realist.

Now my thoughts and questions, feelings and poems – are mainly encapsulated in this blog. Its like a stranger with whom I’ve seemed to click. Someone whom I don’t quite know but somehow know. The technicalities discourage me  but never quite bog me down. The ‘to-n-fro’ communication seem missing, but the “communication” seems slightly heartening. Ah! At least I have taken a step… Maybe now I’ll try to keep a track of my questions and thoughts.


And…I’m excited!

Whoopee! I took the step!

Making/writing a blog for officially the first sstime ever and hardly any idea on how I ‘ll continue it. Or even “write” it.
To be frank, my perception of a blog is limited to:-

Blog = Public Diary

Rather, I, when confronted with the ‘creating a blog’, got frazzled with stuff like web hosting,templates,etc. GETTING QUITE CONFUSED  ON HOW TO FORMAT!  Yea, by now, you’d have gathered that I’m not exactly the most techno-savvy person there is! 🙂 😀

Well, anyway,here I am!

And now, taking the baby steps of this complicated journey, n having absolutely no idea where this path is gonna lead me… Deo volente, I will move on…


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