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Reached a point in life (again) where I am feeling lonely. Utterly alone. Nobody who actually cares for/ about me. Sheesh. Hate it but can’t seem to help it. Have a couple of close friends, but they are too occupied with themselves. Nobody to pamper n pander to me n these moods of mine.
Yup. Lonely.


Need to LET GO!

Need to LET GO!


Letting go is hard…

I am letting you go 
It’s time I do
I am letting you go
Coz it’s only fair I do!
You don’t care for me 

The obsessive way I do
And it’s draining for me
To keep on loving you

Now it’s time.
Now you and I
Need to accept
Need to let go

Need to let go

Of the bond 
We so carefully nurtured
And kept just so…

©Sherin 2014   

Happy New Year

Had started with a load of “positive thoughts”.
Crashed on the first day itself!
Despair n heartaches
Just another year to live & exist

Happy New Year to me!


Time Out!

I need a time out. I need a break.
But life seldom is sypathetic enough to afford us one. Rather it rushes on and sweeps you off.
Time out? A break” ? What is that?!!” That’s the reply you get when you need to just pause and reflect.


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Help- conditionally given

Ugh…. Insufferable! They pretend to care, and state so too. But of course it all comes down to “Terms & Conditions”…! Yes even them… Asked them repeatedly to help me with a task. But nope…

They know(or should by now!) that I’m always so anxious when it comes to dealing with the world and its dealings. And yet how much have they helped/supported me? This entire journey has been known only to me. The endeavours mine n a few more. The secrets mine own.

As the songwriter (F.J.Crosby) says, “Whom have I on earth beside Thee? whom in heaven but Thee?

Unfortunately I still have to find a balance. To try and live with Christ as my solid rock. Not as d world might interpret it but in complete truthfulness and devotion.

“Pass me not O gentle Saviour, hear my humble cry!”

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