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“It hurts when it doesn’t matter(to you). Not as much as it should anyway.”


Who Knew

You need me when you want me
You never pulled me to you
All these times I stood indecisive
All these times I never knew
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
©Sherin 2014

Happy New Year

Had started with a load of “positive thoughts”.
Crashed on the first day itself!
Despair n heartaches
Just another year to live & exist

Happy New Year to me!


Time & Again…

Time & Again…

You who wound me time and again

Why do you persist to be here again?
Do my tears please you so?
Or is my love too precious to loose?

Come, now tell me
My friend, my foe
Come, tell the truth
My time has come !

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I won’t ask for more
I will stay still
I won’t push for more
I will stand still

To ask would be wretched
To be refused even worse
Cause you don’t seem to understand
The words these lips so hesitanly utter

You deem it proper to say I can
You deem it apt to do as you decide

Yet do you stop to think
Would it matter to her?
Do you stop and ask me
Any Thing?

You do as you see
You do as you please
And then you turn around
And wonder why!?

You pulled me too close
You pushed me afar
And then you turn around
And wonder why

Its time I put a stop to this
Its time I quit that wait

I won’t ask for more
I will stay still
I won’t push for more
I will stand still

Missing It All

I miss being missed
I miss being loved
I miss being remembered
At hours even odd
You were my me
Another edition of me
You helped me understand
The normality of weirdity
Acceptance of eccentrics
Sticking to my ground
I might have grown with you
But never quite got lost myself
Now it’s all jaded
Now it’s shrug-worthy
Now comes the cynical part
That doubtlessly was bound to
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