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My hearts seems a’burnin

The thought of you constantly churning

The wheels in my brain

While the rain from my eye constantly drips


I can’t think of you without a twinge deep within

Without feeling that sense of loss

That supersedes quite a lot

My closest don’t understand


Nobody can ken

The tower

You were to me

And now the rubble

That vacant space

Aches so

Loneliness despairs me so!


Have no idea

What to do

How to pick up my life

Without you in it-

©Sherin 2017


Real things Matter

Real things Matter

Distant Dream

a tiny spark

a tiny spark

 Slumped not slayed
Hope’s distant dream
That tiny spark’s
Still alive in me…

©Sherin 2014

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A Change

“After all your avowals of friendship; it hurts me sore when you hide it all.

A declaration to those few ‘friends’ who have noticed a change in me or bothered to ask whats’ wrong/right. 
I’m tired of being the optional backup friend. I’m tired of waiting to be acknowledged & affirmed. I have been silly. I have been naive. Now I choose to be cynically wise.  I choose to hold back. I choose to not share.

Like I said earlier, it hurts me sore when I get to know about you through others. You never did tell me what u have voluntarily told your other friends. And then I realise yet again how completely impractical my expectations are- in this day & generation. Yes, even among so called believers. 
I am tired of being hurt. To guard ones heart and be lonely is a better option than to be bruised by false words and promises.
I guess that’s all I have to say for now.

My picture, My identity


Some minutes ago, a friend asked me why I had changed my profile pic(ture) on Google.
I stopped to think and answer and words flowed on…

“Enough of faces…Enough of masks…
  Enough of telling the world “THIS IS ME!”
  Now I pause , now I gaze.
  Now I simply see things clear!!”

Day & Night

“Days begin
 Nights cease
 The lights they shine
 As the darkness steps aside “


The Why Of It…

Many friends asked me why I started this blog. A simple reason I wanted to. I have almost always wanted to share my thoughts/feelings. Though never actually found anybody to trust them all with. Why the contradictory name you may ask? Well, that’s coz its me! The day dreamer who brings me back to hard reality. Yes, the whimsical – realist.

Now my thoughts and questions, feelings and poems – are mainly encapsulated in this blog. Its like a stranger with whom I’ve seemed to click. Someone whom I don’t quite know but somehow know. The technicalities discourage me  but never quite bog me down. The ‘to-n-fro’ communication seem missing, but the “communication” seems slightly heartening. Ah! At least I have taken a step… Maybe now I’ll try to keep a track of my questions and thoughts.


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