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My picture, My identity


Some minutes ago, a friend asked me why I had changed my profile pic(ture) on Google.
I stopped to think and answer and words flowed on…

“Enough of faces…Enough of masks…
  Enough of telling the world “THIS IS ME!”
  Now I pause , now I gaze.
  Now I simply see things clear!!”


Day & Night

“Days begin
 Nights cease
 The lights they shine
 As the darkness steps aside “


Protected: Growing. Grown. Time Up!

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June Indulgence !


For quite a long time I had been thinking of treating myself to a trip outside India this June. Couldn’t. Will be stuck here. And rather than having a memorable 27th on the 27th, I’m wishing it slinks by.

Going through a depressing phase of my life. Down in the doldrums. Stagnating. And lonely.

Anyway, that aside, just last night impulsively decided I’d treat myself to a new mobile:) Happy not bout the cell, rather about the fact that I can and will indulge myself on my bday.

Yes, life is what I will make of it… And I have to. For myself

 oscar wilde

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